Splatoon 3
I've been struggling a lot with 52. gal and Splatershot. I've dropped from my peak in X rank due to poor performance as a frontline. I just still don't really understand how to be a frontline and what to do. I have good mechanics and decent aim but I just lack game sense. Is there any way to build game sense or do I just have to keep on practicing? Because I really want to get better at the game.
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Never give up on your pride as a Splatoon player you are powerful! Believe in your dreams set a goal and stick to it until it becomes a reality. Front lining in Splatoon is just mechanically insane and incapable for most people to even slightly understand. So even playing a .52 is crazy.
There are a few important things that you should keep in mind while using frontline weapons that I think go overlooked. One of them is to find ways to reduce the gap in terms of range with opponents. This can be achieved by taking advantage of diversions, such as specials, or by noticing when opponents are not looking in your direction. Another is being able to recognize openings when it comes to approach options on the map. Having good game sense means knowing what to do in different situations and setting priorities for yourself, such as staying alive or pressuring the objective. What helps me and my students improve at this is pattern recognition. As simple as it sounds, it gets more value and helps you out more the more you play. It's also meant to break the game down into smaller pieces so it can be easier to learn and digest. If you need any more help, I'd be glad to be of assistance.

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