Archie Teaches Rotations

GamerzClass Originals 11 videos 1h 6m October 2021

Almost all Rocket League pros will agree that rotation is the part of the game that differentiates amateurs from the best players in the world. 16 year old RL prodigy Archie has created a fabulous 12 episode masterclass on Rotations to help you understand the macro-game better than anybody else. Elevate your thinking to GC level and above.

11 Videos 1h 6m
Boost Management
Boost Management 6:20
In Depth Rotations
In Depth Rotations 12:34
Intro to Rotations
Intro to Rotations 1:54
Archie Rotation Gameplay
Archie Rotation Gameplay 5:12
Defensive Rotations
Defensive Rotations 5:06
Boost Pickups
Boost Pickups 4:09
What is Rotation?
What is Rotation? 7:47
Rotation Fundamentals
Rotation Fundamentals 8:27
Boost Usage
Boost Usage 4:41
Practice Rotation
Practice Rotation 4:58
Demolitions & Bumps
Demolitions & Bumps 4:51

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