Falco Deconstructed
Deconstructed 13 videos 4h 6m March 2023

While similar to Fox, Falco is nothing like Fox because Fiction says so. In fact, he'll prove it to you in this 5-hour course. You might even learn a thing or two.

13 Videos 4h 6m
Welcome to Falco Deconstructed
Welcome to Falco Deconstructed 2:51
Introduction to Falco
Introduction to Falco 10:04
Neutral and General Gameplan
Neutral and General Gameplan 13:11
Advantage State
Advantage State 9:38
Defense 14:22
Combos 10:30
Falco vs Fox
Falco vs Fox 27:37
Falco Dittos
Falco Dittos 12:03
Falco vs Sheik
Falco vs Sheik 26:02
Falco vs Marth
Falco vs Marth 38:21
Falco vs Captain Falcon
Falco vs Captain Falcon 26:46
Falco vs Jigglypuff
Falco vs Jigglypuff 30:04
Falco vs Peach
Falco vs Peach 25:11

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