Fox Deconstructed
Deconstructed 15 videos 8h 20m May 2023

From Leffen, top Fox main in Melee and the first player to beat all 5 Smash Gods in tournament play, comes this detailed course on how to master Fox.

15 Videos 8h 20m
Welcome to Fox Deconstructed
Welcome to Fox Deconstructed 3:57
Introduction to Fox
Introduction to Fox 13:18
Fox Tech Skill
Fox Tech Skill 54:35
Neutral Game
Neutral Game 36:52
Combos 36:24
Advantage State
Advantage State 40:47
Defense 40:56
Fox Dittos
Fox Dittos 29:40
Fox vs Falco
Fox vs Falco 52:14
Fox vs Sheik
Fox vs Sheik 25:49
Fox vs Marth
Fox vs Marth 42:20
Fox vs Captain Falcon
Fox vs Captain Falcon 34:11
Fox vs Jigglypuff
Fox vs Jigglypuff 39:32
Fox vs Peach
Fox vs Peach 44:08
Leffen's Controller Mods
Leffen's Controller Mods 5:55

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