Froggen Teaches Mid Lane

GamerzClass Originals 20 videos 2h 28m September 2019

This master course will help you reach new tiers and win more games quickly.

20 Videos 2h 28m
Froggen Introduction
Froggen Introduction 2:09
Froggens Story
Froggens Story 5:13
Being a pro gamer pt.1
Being a pro gamer pt.1 6:22
Being a pro gamer pt.2
Being a pro gamer pt.2 4:33
Ultimate settings
Ultimate settings 5:53
Find your champion
Find your champion 10:44
How to Master Anivia
How to Master Anivia 16:20
Practice Matchups
Practice Matchups 17:47
Team dynamics
Team dynamics 6:33
Communication pt.1
Communication pt.1 3:56
Communication pt.2
Communication pt.2 4:10
Master Vision control
Master Vision control 6:23
Early game
Early game 6:20
Mid Game
Mid Game 15:32
Late Game
Late Game 9:10
Mentality pt 1
Mentality pt 1 4:23
Mentality pt 2
Mentality pt 2 5:11
PRO Tips and tricks
PRO Tips and tricks 7:19
Final Words
Final Words 2:22
Froggen vs. Faker
Froggen vs. Faker 8:01

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