Kassio Teaches Positioning

GamerzClass Originals 8 videos 57m September 2021

Study how to always be at the right place at the right time with the Ultimate Rocket League Masterclass by Andy "Kassio" Landais. The greatest players are synonymous with great positioning and soon so will you. Shooting up your rank and MMR to GC and SSL is quite easy when you have great coaching and Kassio is by far one of the best pros to learn you a trick or two when it comes to positioning.

8 Videos 57m
Advanced Positioning: Champion+
Advanced Positioning: Champion+ 16:57
Positioning: Platinum Level
Positioning: Platinum Level 8:23
Intro to Positioning
Intro to Positioning 1:45
The Basics of Positioning
The Basics of Positioning 2:53
Defense & Back Post Positioning (Diamond Level)
Defense & Back Post Positioning (Diamond Level) 8:41
Positioning Yourself to Carry
Positioning Yourself to Carry 8:42
Common Positioning Mistakes
Common Positioning Mistakes 6:07
Positioning: Gold Level
Positioning: Gold Level 4:22

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