NicoThePico Teaches The Basic Of League of Legends

GamerzClass Originals 39 videos 5h 49m September 2019

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39 Videos 5h 49m
25: Reducing the bleed (4:02)
25: Reducing the bleed (4:02) 4:02
Nicothepico introduction
Nicothepico introduction 4:54
Setting up your PC
Setting up your PC 4:23
In-game Client
In-game Client 13:45
Peripherals 4:41
practice tool
practice tool 4:51
Range, A-Move / Kiting
Range, A-Move / Kiting 5:00
Animation cancelling combos
Animation cancelling combos 14:33
Summoner Spells
Summoner Spells 5:15
Warding 7:34
Advanced Warding
Advanced Warding 11:02
Potions and elixir
Potions and elixir 4:03
holy trinity PT.1
holy trinity PT.1 10:34
holy trinity PT.2
holy trinity PT.2 8:48
holy trinity PT.3
holy trinity PT.3 9:34
Wave Management
Wave Management 12:57
Back Timing
Back Timing 11:41
Camera & Minimap Utilization
Camera & Minimap Utilization 8:42
Runes 4:16
Introducing in-game structure
Introducing in-game structure 2:54
gameplan: Top lane
gameplan: Top lane 15:52
Gameplan: Jungle
Gameplan: Jungle 13:56
Gameplan: Mid lane
Gameplan: Mid lane 15:54
Gameplan: ADC (bot)
Gameplan: ADC (bot) 12:10
Gameplan: Support
Gameplan: Support 8:47
Nico's rules to success
Nico's rules to success 4:54
Goal Setting
Goal Setting 5:52
Psychology of the game
Psychology of the game 5:51
Solo Queue Communication
Solo Queue Communication 4:13
Team Communication
Team Communication 13:16
Shot-calling 8:12
workout routine to enhance performance
workout routine to enhance performance 12:12
Nutrion 8:13
sleep schedule and mind relaxation
sleep schedule and mind relaxation 9:10
Introducing analysis and setup replay
Introducing analysis and setup replay 1:39
Replay of challenger PT.1
Replay of challenger PT.1 16:01
Replay of challenger PT.2
Replay of challenger PT.2 16:27
Replay of challenger PT.3
Replay of challenger PT.3 16:53
Ending 6:11

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