Olimar Deconstructed
Deconstructed 16 videos 2h 47m May 2023

To some people, Olimar is just a weird little dude in an astronaut helmet. And he is that, but he's also so much more. Dabuz is here to give you the lowdown on how to master this extremely unique character in this new Deconstructed series.

16 Videos 2h 47m
Welcome to Olimar Deconstructed
Welcome to Olimar Deconstructed 3:25
Introduction to Olimar
Introduction to Olimar 4:49
Pikmin 14:53
Combos and Routes
Combos and Routes 23:46
Neutral Tools
Neutral Tools 13:00
Platform Pressure
Platform Pressure 4:48
The Corner
The Corner 10:31
The Ledge
The Ledge 12:29
Juggling 14:20
Edge Guarding
Edge Guarding 5:37
Recovery 14:29
Matchups 16:13
Olimar Tech
Olimar Tech 4:32
Stages 17:29
Full Match Analysis
Full Match Analysis 5:37
Ending 1:37

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