Peach Deconstructed
Deconstructed 14 videos 6h 31m March 2023

We sat down with two of the greatest Peach mains of all time in Armada and Llod and dove deep into what makes Peach a unique and powerful character in Smash.

14 Videos 6h 31m
Welcome to Peach Deconstructed
Welcome to Peach Deconstructed 3:27
Introduction to Peach
Introduction to Peach 16:01
Neutral and General Gameplan
Neutral and General Gameplan 18:53
Advantage State
Advantage State 14:56
Defense 13:56
Combos 17:00
Peach vs Fox - Part 1
Peach vs Fox - Part 1 44:26
Peach vs Fox - Part 2
Peach vs Fox - Part 2 32:57
Peach vs Falco
Peach vs Falco 53:26
Peach vs Sheik
Peach vs Sheik 29:51
Peach vs Marth
Peach vs Marth 46:01
Peach vs Captain Falcon
Peach vs Captain Falcon 43:08
Peach vs Jigglypuff
Peach vs Jigglypuff 41:13
Armada's Mindset in Competition
Armada's Mindset in Competition 16:00

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