Pimp Teaches Basic Counter-Strike:GO

GamerzClass Originals 12 videos 1h 38m September 2019

Play CS:GO like a pro and take your career to the next level, with this CS:GO master course.

12 Videos 1h 38m
Introduction 1:56
Pimps History
Pimps History 9:34
Being a pro gamer
Being a pro gamer 9:16
Ultimate Settings
Ultimate Settings 6:10
How to Practice
How to Practice 7:28
Run-Through: Mirage
Run-Through: Mirage 11:30
How to join a pro team
How to join a pro team 9:58
Roles & team dynamics
Roles & team dynamics 7:36
Play like Astralis
Play like Astralis 14:20
Analysis of Dev1ce
Analysis of Dev1ce 9:55
Tactical Walkthrough
Tactical Walkthrough 9:00
Final Words
Final Words 1:42

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