R.O.B. Deconstructed
Deconstructed 13 videos 2h 49m May 2023

The character who dares to ask the question "What if we made Wall-E way bigger and more violent and dropped him into a platform fighter?" Learn everything you need to dominate as R.O.B. in this video series.

13 Videos 2h 49m
Welcome to R.O.B. Deconstructed
Welcome to R.O.B. Deconstructed 2:52
Introduction to R.O.B.
Introduction to R.O.B. 6:45
Combos and Routes
Combos and Routes 14:51
Neutral Tools
Neutral Tools 5:11
Ledge and Corner Pressure
Ledge and Corner Pressure 12:12
Advantage State
Advantage State 6:22
Recovery 3:37
Matchups 19:48
Advanced Tech - Part 1
Advanced Tech - Part 1 38:29
Advanced Tech - Part 2
Advanced Tech - Part 2 37:43
Stages 5:09
Full Match Analysis
Full Match Analysis 12:37
Ending 3:46

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