Rosalina Deconstructed
Deconstructed 16 videos 5h 1m March 2023

A deep dive into what makes the character of Rosalina a unique and powerful choice in Smash.

16 Videos 5h 1m
Welcome to Rosalina Deconstructed
Welcome to Rosalina Deconstructed 4:35
Introduction to Rosalina
Introduction to Rosalina 8:08
Rosa Tech
Rosa Tech 38:08
Combos & Routes
Combos & Routes 28:47
Neutral Tools
Neutral Tools 47:50
Neutral without Luma
Neutral without Luma 12:40
Platform Pressure
Platform Pressure 10:16
The Corner
The Corner 16:03
The Ledge
The Ledge 28:43
Juggling 25:49
Edge Guarding
Edge Guarding 24:08
Recovery 14:37
Matchups 17:11
Stages 10:47
Full Match Analysis
Full Match Analysis 9:41
Ending 3:57

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