Safe Lane Deconstructed
GamerzClass Originals 19 videos 4h 30m November 2022

What’s the most important lesson your taught as a child? Safety first! This course will show you how to become the ultimate carry player and start climbing through the ranks with ease, all the way to Immortal and beyond. Safe Lane Deconstructed with 23savage will give you the tools to take control of your matches and break the forced 50-50.

19 Videos 4h 30m
Safe Lane Deconstructed Introduction
Safe Lane Deconstructed Introduction 3:03
Carry Philosophy
Carry Philosophy 13:02
Types of Carry
Types of Carry 14:13
Drafting your Carry Hero
Drafting your Carry Hero 13:15
Starting Items
Starting Items 12:43
Laning Stage - Hard Matchups
Laning Stage - Hard Matchups 21:52
Laning Stage - Easy Matchups
Laning Stage - Easy Matchups 25:24
Leaving the Lane
Leaving the Lane 11:29
Itemisation 16:27
Decisions Based on Items
Decisions Based on Items 16:37
Farming as Carry
Farming as Carry 21:37
Playing the Dead Lane
Playing the Dead Lane 10:43
Dying as a Carry
Dying as a Carry 12:39
Avoiding Ganks
Avoiding Ganks 9:52
Fast Paced Carries
Fast Paced Carries 11:07
Team Fighting
Team Fighting 21:45
Low MMR Anlysis
Low MMR Anlysis 12:09
Lina Carry
Lina Carry 16:04
23Savage Final Words
23Savage Final Words 5:57

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