Scrub Killa Teaches Dribbling

GamerzClass Originals 11 videos 44m October 2021

Weasel your way through your opponents all the way to the goal with another ultimate masterclass from World Champion and renowned Rocket League pro: Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson. Redefine your goal-scoring abilities with outstanding setups and new-found mechanical prowess. Follow this class to learn how to drop jaws and force rage quits with ease.

11 Videos 44m
Advanced Flicks
Advanced Flicks 12:49
Scrub Killa Teaches Dribbling
Scrub Killa Teaches Dribbling 0:43
Carrying The Ball
Carrying The Ball 2:37
Dribbles & Flicks
Dribbles & Flicks 5:14
Introduction to Dribbling
Introduction to Dribbling 3:06
Grand Champ to SSL
Grand Champ to SSL 5:23
The Bounce Dribble
The Bounce Dribble 2:32
Cutting the Ball (Powerslide)
Cutting the Ball (Powerslide) 1:21
Catching the Ball
Catching the Ball 3:15
Fakes in Dribbling
Fakes in Dribbling 2:33
Air Dribbles
Air Dribbles 4:59

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