Scrub Killa Teaches Movement

GamerzClass Originals 9 videos 43m October 2021

Ascend to new heights as you learn how to breeze through with ease in Rocket League. Outclass any opponent with top-tier movement by learning from one of the best players in the world and World Champion Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson. Driving to the top requires fancy movement and this class puts the steering wheel back into your hands.

9 Videos 43m
Platinum Movement Analysis
Platinum Movement Analysis 5:04
Introduction to Movement
Introduction to Movement 2:59
Landing & Powerslides
Landing & Powerslides 5:39
Speed Flips
Speed Flips 3:46
Diamond Movement Analysis
Diamond Movement Analysis 5:33
Basic Flips
Basic Flips 5:02
Chaining Movements
Chaining Movements 2:57
Half Flips
Half Flips 3:58
Wave Dash
Wave Dash 8:17

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