Soft Support Deconstructed
Deconstructed 25 videos 6h 37m March 2023

Soft Support Deconstructed is a crash course in everything you need to pick up the Position 4 Role in DOTA 2 from scratch and master it. Learn from Taiga, one of the top players in the world who has been dominating the competitive scene with Team OG. Taiga will deep dive into several of the skills and attributes you need to be the most effective player you can be. He cannot help you figure out how to talk to your crush though. There’s simply not enough time.

25 Videos 6h 37m
Course Introduction
Course Introduction 4:03
Most important things about Support
Most important things about Support 11:23
Picking a Support Hero
Picking a Support Hero 26:21
Before the Battle Begins
Before the Battle Begins 12:31
Going into the Game
Going into the Game 10:45
The Laning Stage
The Laning Stage 23:35
The Flagbearer Creep
The Flagbearer Creep 6:05
Ganking and Roaming
Ganking and Roaming 16:06
Warding as Soft Support
Warding as Soft Support 18:50
Importance of Night Time
Importance of Night Time 10:05
Types of Smokes
Types of Smokes 15:54
Stacking & Pulling
Stacking & Pulling 7:23
Items and Timings
Items and Timings 26:12
Reading the Map
Reading the Map 18:22
Scaling as Soft Support
Scaling as Soft Support 21:00
How to Create Space
How to Create Space 14:09
Farming as Support
Farming as Support 10:55
Teamfighting & Positioning
Teamfighting & Positioning 14:42
The Late Game
The Late Game 28:00
How to Tilt Your Enemy
How to Tilt Your Enemy 6:37
Real Time Walkthrough: Enigma
Real Time Walkthrough: Enigma 29:16
Real Time Walkthrough: Phoenix
Real Time Walkthrough: Phoenix 19:30
Mentality of a Dota Player
Mentality of a Dota Player 17:11
Taiga's Settings
Taiga's Settings 17:40
Ending 11:03

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