Sumail Teaches Mid Lane

GamerzClass Originals 15 videos 2h 55m June 2022

Sumail is here! In this in-depth masterclass Sumail will bring you all the knowledge you need to take your mid laning skills to the next level. Sumail will be teaching his unique style of playing which is known to be very aggressive and intuitive. In this class Sumail will teach subjects like: knowing when to farm, playing pubs, the meta, laning, matchups, mid game, communication, smoking, late game, team fights and much more!

15 Videos 2h 55m
Sumail - June 23
Sumail - June 23 0:16
Meet SumaiL
Meet SumaiL 7:09
The Crown Series
The Crown Series 5:09
The Most Important Things in Dota 2
The Most Important Things in Dota 2 15:35
State of the Mid Lane
State of the Mid Lane 16:37
Playing the Mid Lane
Playing the Mid Lane 26:59
Stomping The Lane
Stomping The Lane 16:50
Approaching Matchups
Approaching Matchups 6:59
Effective Trading
Effective Trading 12:14
After 6 Minutes
After 6 Minutes 16:10
Farming as Mid Lane
Farming as Mid Lane 10:04
Timings 13:30
A message to Supports
A message to Supports 11:49
Low MMR Replay Analysis
Low MMR Replay Analysis 11:49
Final Words
Final Words 4:00

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