Twistzz Teaches Rifling & Support

GamerzClass Originals 15 videos 1h 51m March 2020

Road to Global Elite has never been easier as you learn to master all of the aspects of CS:GO

15 Videos 1h 51m
Introduction 4:57
Play with your teammates
Play with your teammates 4:39
Play off of your teammates
Play off of your teammates 5:27
nade usage
nade usage 10:14
nade usage - server
nade usage - server 4:57
nade usage - examples
nade usage - examples 6:14
Decision making - Theory
Decision making - Theory 7:02
Decision making - Examples
Decision making - Examples 5:48
Twistzz’ T Inferno
Twistzz’ T Inferno 10:59
Twistzz’ T Mirage
Twistzz’ T Mirage 12:57
Twistzz’ T Dust2
Twistzz’ T Dust2 9:25
Twistzz’ CT Inferno
Twistzz’ CT Inferno 8:40
Twistzz’ CT Mirage
Twistzz’ CT Mirage 9:13
Twistzz’ CT Dust2
Twistzz’ CT Dust2 7:27
Ending 3:38

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