Wolf Deconstructed
Deconstructed 15 videos 4h 24m March 2023

Escape the twilight zone with Wolf Deconstructed. A-Z on how to master this character in Ultimate.

15 Videos 4h 24m
Welcome to Wolf Deconstructed
Welcome to Wolf Deconstructed 4:50
Introduction to Wolf
Introduction to Wolf 14:34
Combos and Routes
Combos and Routes 17:15
Neutral Tools
Neutral Tools 47:29
Platform Pressure
Platform Pressure 5:51
The corner
The corner 10:17
The Ledge
The Ledge 30:58
Juggling 23:52
Edge guarding
Edge guarding 9:33
Recovery 9:06
Matchups 34:29
Wolf tech
Wolf tech 21:35
How to pick stages
How to pick stages 7:42
Full match analysis
Full match analysis 17:40
Ending 9:25

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