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$40 +

Top Captain Falcon for SSBM. Beastcoast sponsored. Coaching since 2014. As of Mar 2021 having won the last Melee Major (GALINT Spring Open) considered top 3 world.


$25 +

Hello! My tag is LSD and I am a top 30 level Marth player. I am the creator of "Melee Therapy," a concrete system for learning that is centered around your talents.


$76 +

Pro Melee player and streamer for Golden Guardians. Genesis 7 champion. Best Marth. Fastest improved player.


$23 +

Hi! My name is Jacob Hunter and I am a 19 year old professional SSBM Fox player from Sydney, Australia. I'm currently rank #1 in Sydney, and top 3 in Oceania.


$50 +

Widely regarded as the best overall Smash Bros. player (and coach). WR holder for most esports tournament wins. Forbes 30-under-30. Melee God. Co-owns MVG/FPSonline.


$35 +

Ranked 22nd in the world and 1st in NorCal for Melee, Sheik main. Has experience with Druggedfox lessons (40+ lessons!), & a love for teaching for all skill levels!


$15 +

Kalvar is a Marth main ranked #1 in NH, #2 in NE, and #62 in the world. Kalvar is an experienced coach who can help not just in game but also with mentality


$65 +

Ranked #9 in the world and #1 in the Tristate area for Melee. Professional player for Panda Global.


$38 +

Ranked #37 in the world, top Falco player. Most known for my win on prime Hbox and my guide on improvement. Rose to the top of Texas rankings within my first year.


$50 +

Top Peach player, experienced mentor, and author of the premier and most comprehensive guide to improvement for Smash.


$60 +

Top 30 Melee player, the original G0D of Smash, and progenitor of Rishi's Jungle Jam. 15+ years of analysis and competition experience.