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Monthly Improvement (SAVE $40)

This is by far the most popular 1-on-1 training on the whole Metafy. ★ This training is perfectly tailored for breaking up bad habits and misconceptions. What does the training look like? - We will be going over your VOD, you will get three folders (inside your Google drive): commentary (and goals, the goals are put so you know what to work on), in-depth of multiple breakdowns of some situations (animated PowerPoint slides) and video about it. This is something that you will permanently keep with your Google drive and you will be able to share with it with anyone else. - Then we will go over some of the goals in an in-depth lesson (you can pick up to 3 goals per side that we will be covering in the lesson) - Another VOD commentary and then another in-depth lesson following the same pattern. ★ The training consists of x2 VODs and x2 in-depth lessons about your mistakes. I cannot do Outback and Emerald VOD reviews. ★ Self-reflect spreadsheet is available to anyone that gets this training

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