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Hello, my name is Emil, I am 19 years old, and I am a Rocket League content creator with 140k+ followers on TikTok, 15k+ on Twitch, and 15k+ on YouTube. My content mainly focuses on high-level gameplay/tips, and I want to help you get better at Rocket League. I have been playing the game since late 2016 and I have accumulated over 8000+ hours in the game. I have solo queued from the low ranks all the way to Supersonic Legend. I have been the hig... Read more

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  • “1emil told me when I did good and bad thing and when I did mistakes he told me what I should have done instead to make a better play, when I watched my own replay I did not see so many mistakes but when 1emil watched my replay he found much more so I learned a lot from the coaching session.”


  • “emil's coaching has helped me realize how much i am doing wrong in games he helped me with boost pathing and overall rotations i have already implemented these things into my games and i can see a improvement i see myself in better positions and scoring goals way easier if you are looking for cheap and good coaching you should definitely buy emil's coaching”



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