Hey it's Psycho here! I'm a 25 year old Street Fighter player from Orlando, Florida. cj I have placed 1st in Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 as well as 5th in Street Fighter Pro League Season 1 with Justin Wong and Brian F. I can play almost every character in the game at a high level as shown by getting 2nd in Punk's beta bash Eleven event in 2021 losing only to MenaRD in Grand Finals. In SF6 I am currently the #1 Kimberly in North America for MR (2010 MR). I have tourney set wins on Nuckledu, Caba, and Idom along with many more so far in the short span of SF6! I am here to help you learn the matchups you absolutely cannot stand and look for solutions approaching all angles, even the most abstract. I am an intermediate to advanced level coach so the training I cover will be for more experienced players (platinum and above) but if you are a newer player and still would like to learn some advanced topics on crucial decision making, guess for game situations, controlling space in neutral at all times, and the ins and outs of specific character matchups, you are more than encouraged to book a lesson! Street Fighter 4: Top 4 Ranked Balrog in the world (A+ 22kBP) Street Fighter 5: Ultimate Grand Master Ranked Top 500 in the world (UGM Necalli 165k+ LP) Street Fighter 6: Master Rank Kimberly

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