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I have competed at the highest level. I've been on a professionally signed team. I know what it takes to be the best in terms of mentality and in terms of the work that needs to be put in. I can motivate you to be better, you just need to put the work in. I will provide the tools necessary.

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  • “Active was great. I knew there were certain things that I should be focusing on but he helped me pin those things down and emphasize their importance.”

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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

2 lessons

Live sessions

In this Live session I will be watching your screen live as you play a few matches for a hour and giving you live information on what you need to do in the moment. This will help you understand why/when/how when it comes to situations on different maps. I will also provide the VOD so that you can watch it over as well in 1440p quality!
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