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Hey, welcome to the site! My name is AMR. I have consistently reached challenger since Season 5, playing most of the lanes in the game. ( I coach all roles on all servers _ Jungle _mid_adc_top_supp)(NA EUW EUNE TR RU ) If you're looking to climb, and at the same time, learn the game; I am your coach. A little more about me: I've trained more than 3000 students, in additional to playing in the 2016 world championship in jakarta. Those eag... Read more

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  • “Really good and patient, went overtime for me to help me till the end. Highly recommend”


  • “Was an amazing coach taught me lots within the time we spent with each other. I would recommend to anyone trying to improve.”


  • “The best coach I've ever worked with. Highly recommend. 10/10!”

    Mark Nader

  • “AMR has been very professional, he really cares about your climb and will respond you all of your questions in a timely manner. l love his teaching style.”


  • “AMR is the best Coach on Metafy i worked with he is so knowledgeable and have an amazing new ways in teaching you , book the intro session and you will see yourself i went from plat 4 to diamond 1 with the help of AMR”


  • “AMR is an awesome coach!”


  • “I was hard stuck diamond iv for years and I finally reached Master tier with AMR coaching , really great coach, try the training plans”


  • “First lesson with AMR went great, he has already given me a list of videos to study to improve my laning as well as started giving me drills to practice my CS. I'm looking forward to our next session.”


  • “Amr was fantastic Coach , he is funny and knowledgeable , he helped me a lot to go from silver 4 to diamond iv , very recommended”


  • “AMR was very helpful , he showed me what i was missing in my game play and fixed it during the training plan , very recommended, best Coach i have worked with”


  • “I took the free consultation with AMR and i have to admit he is very nice and knowledgeable Coach and i will buy his diamond plan”


  • “AMR is the best Coach by far , i went from Bronze to diamond with over 70 % win rate with him , very recommended”


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  • Live Sessions starting at $30

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