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I am a content Creator for Team Nixus. I am a mechanical player that reached very high ranks (Peak SSL) I can help you work on your weak points and put you on the right track to become the player you want to be. I will guide you step by step, watch your gameplay, play with you and more. My goal is to make sure you are set on the right track and show you the easiest ways to improve. When i see improvements I can get you in future showmatches again... Read more

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Rocket League

Rocket League

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In this Lesson, i will be working with you on getting higher ranks. I know it is hard to Solo Q and gain MMR and reach the rank that you think you deserve, so with this lesson i will be helping you change all that and give you tips that you need to change your mentality and Rank up in No Time. How will the lesson go: 1) I will review 2 replays and point out what your weak po... Read more
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