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Hi, I am babitich, an 11 000 MMR MID player. I have TOP 1 in North America and TOP 30 in Europe Dota 2 Leaderboards, screenshot provided, please have a look - , With pleasure, I will become your Dota 2 coach and share my experience. I will give you a very informative lesson during which you will learn a lot of new and useful information that will allow you to win more often and achieve next-... Read more

Testimonials (8)

  • “Great guy and a great teacher who cares about the fact that you actually improve and would answer your every question.”


  • “very knowledgeable! gave me some great tips for practicing”


  • “He breaks down concepts, gameplans and playstyles, which you can easily use in your Pub. He gives a lot of detailed tips and tricks about Laning. Best Coach”


  • “Friendly ! Good explanation before using his service !! I think he is best coach for player who need improve skill ...”


  • “I think Vladimir (Babitich) has a lot of high MMR knowledge. We spent 10 minutes watching my laning stage on Storm Spirit and he was already able to point out many mistakes I was making in the lane. Since our lesson I have already started practicing the things we talked about, and I have been getting more solo kills in the mid lane. I just booked another lesson, and I hope to master the mid lane through his coaching and reach higher MMR :D He even took some extra time to send me some pro replays to watch to improve my game, which was really cool”


  • Available 2:00 AM Tomorrow
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If you'd like to know me better and see if I'm the right coach for you, or if you'd like to suggest your own training program that I can use to make you a more experienced player, feel free to book a free consultation! I'm here to help you succeed!