THE GREATEST CS:GO COACHING EXPERIENCE ON INTERNET (full-time coach for 5 years) MAIN CSGO COACH ON PASHA GAMING CAMP! PREMIUM COACH - SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! 100% POSITIVE REVEIWS! Hi my name is Pawel, and i've been a csgo coach since 2015. I've been to many lan events(~25). I would like to share my knowledge with you! I've played Counter-Strike since 2006 and Counter Strike Global Offensive since 2013. I used to be a semi-pro player, playing as IGL for top tier2 teams in Poland. I had 2800 elo soloq Faceit, played 5vs5 vs Niko, s1mple, Pasha, Coldzera. At this moment I'm a coach for individual students. I started coaching because I have valuable knowledge and I can share it with you. I can teach you: -mechanical skills -communication -training individual/as a team -decision making -mental fortitude -attitude -teamplay -crosshair placement -strafing -grenade usage and lineups -strats for pistol/eco/gun rounds -pro positions for CT side -how to xantares peek -how to play 1vs1/wingmans/5vs5 solo&team -QUICKLY HIT GLOBAL ELITE! and a lot more things you don't understand I CAN ALSO BE YOUR DAILY COACH! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate and contact me!

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