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Welcome to my Metafy profile! My name is Loren also known as "Bril" in game. I have been playing League of Legends for a while now and after reaching Masters and becoming the rank 3 Viktor in all of North America I've decided to take up coaching. I have been coaching for about 1 year now, I mainly did coaching for close friends but now I want to help out anyone who wants it! While I am a Viktor one trick I also can cover many mid lane champions i... Read more

Testimonials (8)

  • “The coaching was thorough and I left with new knowledge and things to improve upon. Session was personalized and tailored to what I needed as a player. 👍”


  • “Very informative Session. Went into a lot of detail with builds, macro and micro. Highly reccommend him if you want to take your macro to the next level.”


  • “My experience with Bril was an amazing one. He talked about positioning, ward placement, what items are good on certain characters and why, as well as runes and why they work good on the character you are playing. It was the best coaching experience I have had so far. I loved the constructive criticism and how he told you what you were doing well and how you could be doing it even better. As well as what you are doing wrong and how to fix it. I highly recommend Bril as a coach if you are a mid lane player.”


  • “Provided me with vital information and coaching while watching 2 games and VOD reviewing them. 100% recommend Bril if you want to improve at League.”


  • “Had a very straight forward and productive experience. He has a lot of macro tips at hand and will show you what to could be improved. High value per $.”

    by Mejais Decree

  • “Very down to earth coach who is excited to watch you grow and has a lot of knowledge to share. Always up to help and every lesson was fun! Will be coming back!”


  • “I booked him for mid lane but he coached me for jungle and within a week I climbed through 5 ranks and noticed a massive improvement on how I play. Thanks Bril!”


  • “I worked with an amazing coach who improved my gameplay and taught the importance of communication and teamwork. I would highly recommend this coach!”


  • Available 1:00 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $20
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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