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Professional Coach for The Dojo (iiTzTimmy, Dezignful, Enemy) | 4th in 2023 ALGS Championship. Partnered Twitch Streamer | Professional Apex Legends | RADIANT in VALORANT | Top 500 Overwatch. Former professional Apex Legends player for Golden Guardians, SoaR Gaming, KnightsGG, and GhostGaming Recently placed 4th for the $2,000,000 Championship with iiTzTimmy, Dezignful, and Enemy. Lots of people may notice me from playing ALGS with iiTzTimmy or my former top FA team South State. With over $70,000 earnings in Apex Legends. I have reached Apex Predator most seasons and competed at the highest level in ALGS against favorite teams such as NRG, TSM, and more. I also competed in many smaller tournaments such as Esports Arena and GLL. I have reached finals in ALGS multiple times and placed TOP 3 in multiple tournament series. Qualified for $1,000,000+ tournaments and more! The link below provides my liquipedia in Apex Legends, I also have reached RADIANT in VALORANT primarily maining duelist and sentinel, and I also placed 2nd in the BoomTV $10,000 Invitational! If you'd like to see my social medias you can find me at the links below! Discord - Bronzey.

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