Hi! My name c0mplex! I'm a professional RLCS coach in OCE, making it to the Main Event 4 times. I've worked with students of all levels, from total beginners to SSLs that are trying to improve a bit further. If you want to get to know me a little better before booking a session, feel free to hop in my Discord and say hi! Join at https://discord.gg/c0mplex Liquipedia: https://liquipedia.net/rocketleague/c0mplex I started playing CRL this past fall, but I've been competing in Rocket League for years before that. I've gone as far to make the second day of RLCS qualifiers, making the top 50 in North America as a player. As a coach, I've made main event of RLCS in APAC. I have the best experience with players trying to edge into the Grand Champion rank or improve within GC, though as previously mentioned, I can work with any player. I started coaching a few years ago when asked by my friend if I could help them improve. Quickly falling in love with it, I decided to make it a side business, working on it passively and not advertising much while still gaining experience. Over that time I've been able to meet a lot of high ranked and well known players, learning what I can from them and bringing that knowledge back into my lessons. In my lessons, I go over a variety of topics, some of which listed below: -Rotations -Mechanical Training -Teammate Awareness -Boost Management -Meaningful Touches -Comms and communication in game -Playing With a Team -Positive Mentality

Live 1 on 1 Coaching Session - Rotations and Boost Management

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Live 1:1 sessions are calls with the expert during which they share their wisdom with you as you play.

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I will sit down with you and look over your matches while in matches with you, giving helpful tips and explaining what you can do to improve.
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