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Every lesson will be recorded, just ask me for the VOD and I will upload it & send it right away! There is a twitch sub discount and maybe something in the FAQ! I have been competing in Smash tournaments for over 10 years & coaching for over 5 years. I have beaten the best players in the world, won nationals, and made my mark on the scene as THE analytical pro player :) Probably the Ultimate/ Smash 4 player who has spent the longest time in the ... Read more

Testimonials (38)

  • “I took a VOD review with dabuz. He gave me a good analyze of my weaknesses with areas for improvment. I now have the tools needed to do better. I recommend !”


  • “Dabuz really broke down the replay moment by moment and gave good general game plan and matchup advise. This was very helpful and gives much to think about.”


  • “I learned at lot about the things I needed to focus on. Everything went very smoothly and I was reached out to almost immediately. 10/10, very fun and informative”


  • “This was my first proper coaching experience so I didn't really know what to say or do, but Dabuz made it easy to keep the lesson moving and make sure I got the most out of it. In hindsight, I am a better player now I think in no small part due to this lesson. I have clearer goals and areas I would like to improve so I would go back for a hopefully less awkward second session.”


  • “I was originally rather nervous at the start of the lesson, but Dabuz had a very welcoming tone that calmed me down almost immediately. It was super nice to be taught by one of my favorite players! We played many SSBU matches and I learned so much from them. Dabuz was able to identify a lot of bad habits that were hindering my progression as a player, and he was able to give me solid tips on how to improve my gameplay. Definitely a great teacher!”


  • “great coach. Very chill, gave great advice, and definitely one of the best coaches of I've ever had on here. Price is very fair and definitely would recommend. Money very well spent and the experience is invaluable. Thank you dabuz!”

    GT | Blazinreload

  • “Recommend 100%! He let me know things I should and shouldn’t be doing. I can confidently say I know what to work on as a learning player!”


  • “Great experience. Very informal and insightful. I enjoyed being able to understand things at a greater depth. Dabuz is a great coach.”


  • “Dabuz was easygoing, direct and in-depth with his coaching. Taking notes helped because I was able to learn a lot and make a practice plan.”

    Justin Yob

  • “Dabuz gave me insight on how ultimate should be played from a competitive standpoint. Wise words from one of the greatest galaxy brains in the game!”


  • “Helped point out some key issues in a unfamiliar matchup. Very insightful”


  • “great coach show me things i didnt realize i was even doing”


  • “I like how fast he is able to notice your skill level and evaluate what’s the best way to tell you in a way you would understand”


  • “Went well, pretty much confirmed what I knew I had to work on while also pointing out options I hadn't considered. Would def recommend!”


  • “I had a great experience with Dabuz! He made every point easy to understand and he gave me the tools I needed to become a better player. Highly recommend!”


  • “Dabuz did an excellent job of analyzing my gameplay and pointing out areas which could use improvement.”


  • “Understanding for first timers. Simple but effective, amazing giving insight and his experience definetly shows.”


  • “Dabuz could point out every bad habit and punish them for getting me to stop.”


  • “Great guy, who showed me how to improve overall. Even though, I am trying to main someone he doesn't use he taught me more of the fundamentals and how to move.”


  • “Absolutely astounding coach. Was patient even after I was the most inconvenient person on the planet.”


  • “Great coaching Has good patience pointed out things for me to improve and kept it simple for me to understand Also I felt comfortable asking questions”


  • “I went into my lesson with Dabuz not knowing exactly what I should improve on and not only did Dabuz give me good guidance on what to work on he also pointed out multiple habits I didn't realize I had and helped point out ways to improve my advantage state. Since this lesson a month ago I've noticed the way I think about this game has changed a good bit I have won every one of my locals and made top 8 at a regional. If you can afford the lesson I would highly recommend booking with dabuz.”


  • “If you want to know what you need to work on from a gamepay prespective or you as a player i suggest dabuz, as he's helped me with both.”


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