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Hello, my name is Depsi! I've been playing Overwatch since 2017 and have over 2000 hours in ranked. Some of my achievements include high positions on the leaderboard, top 16 in Open Division and 800+ hours in 4.5 scrims. I specialize in ranked coaching but have the experience to offer scrim coaching as well. A lot of high-end players know the tips and tricks to ranking up but are unable to communicate this effectively. I offer the ability to tran... Read more

Testimonials (4)

  • “amazing and chill dude that gets straight to the point”


  • “I highly recommend a coaching session from Depsi, he is overall a very positive coach with great insight on what you should be working to improve on.”


  • “Depsi is an amazing coach. first we reviewed a game I played and he explained everything I was doing wrong and after we did a live game. 100/10 would recommend.”


  • Available 1:00 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $18


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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

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Live sessions

A 1on1 session where we will go through and analyze a live game, replay code, or a recorded game (uploaded on youtube). During the session, I will answer any gameplay-related questions and take notes that you will receive after the lesson. These notes will be built around a style that will be easy to understand and implement in your gameplay.


$18.00 USD