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SFV/Zeku Beginner/Intermediate Guide

Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V
4 Sessions 4 hours $160

A training regime to help newcomers or casual players take the step into understanding Street Fighter V and/or Zeku. This is based on my experiences in the FGC Competitive Scene. This will focus on how to approach the game: ~Preparing for opponent and analyzing your matches. ~What to focus and practice on when you feel or recognize weaknesses in your gameplay. ~How to enhance your strengths. ~Breakdown on Offense and Defense. ~How to pick up habits of your opponent as well as yourself ~Understanding specific game situations. ~How to utilize replays with training mode to practice situations you have struggled with or may not understand. *This can apply to already existing SFV players who may want a different outlook on how to approach the game if you've felt like you've hit a plateau as well. Please specify that if you choose this plan instead of doing a lesson.

Sessions Overview

Combo and Hit Confirm Practice

1 hour

Focuses on Combo Execution and practices to build Muscle Memory. Recognizing Normal Hits and Counter Hits. Practices for Single Hit Confirms

Okizeme, Setplay/Mixups and Zoning

1 hour

Breakdown on all 3 key aspects. Okizeme is when you're plus on your opponents wakeup, which allows you to continue pressure, or force a moment of desperation from your opponent (Reversal DPs) Setplay/Mixups is often a set sequence you can do against your opponent which forces them to guess. You will know exactly what options your opponent can and can't do to counter your mixup/setplay. This can include safejumps, 50/50 Left/Right Mixups, 50/50 High/Low Mixups, Or 50/50 Button/Throw Mixups. Setplay/Mixups Can also lead into baiting certain actions from your opponent like in Okizeme but is usually the safest option as the timing for this is strict or even non-existent like in Safejumps Zoning - Maintaining space/Creating a wall between you and your opponent with the use of projectiles, normals and Anti Airing to prevent them from getting in and starting pressure. This often is seen as a defensive style of play and often forces the opponent to make quick/risky decisions to get in if they can't get a grasp of your zoning strategy, usually leading to frustration. This will also be focused on how to deal with these situations as well.

Basic Fundamentals

1 hour

Learn the Basics of SFV. Covering Neutral, Footsies, Game Mechanics, Basic Strategy and Understanding of SFV Meta and V System. Understanding Bad Habits and how to prevent/correct/eliminate them. Recognizing and Surpassing Plateaus

Playstyle Strategy.

1 hour

Breakdown of playstyles, which works best for you or for given siuations. Explanations between Defensive (Turtle), Offensive (Aggro/Rushdown) or Balanced. Ideas on making adjustments and adaptation mid match or between rounds. Understanding of Offensive and Defensive Meta.

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