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Full Training Player Development Package

This is the Training Plan to choose if you want to officially be my Student and by that i mean PERMANENTLY my student! it doesn't expire! , i will completely be available during this time frame to work on all lessons and work with you to better your play, i will be analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, and adapting on the fly to fit the person im teaching. You will learn - - How to Attack efficiently and not open yourself to risk! - How to Survive and negate the opponents pressure! - How to Pickup information on your opponent! - How to Use that information that you have learned! - How to Learn for Yourself going forward in future games! - How to Properly use Training Mode! - How to Properly Eliminate Nasty Bad Habits! - How to Properly Create Good Healthy Habits! * If you are a returning student from prior to Metafy and we already are in the middle of a lesson plan for you, than not to worry! things will continue as they have been you! Lastly! i chose this pricing as it comes out to about 13$ an hour for me of the course of the training! which is about minimum wage for me, i understand it can seem like alot, but i promise you will be happy (or your money back no questions asked) im just trying to help and reach as many people as possible!

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