Hi - my name is Diaphone and I'm a competitive fighting game player known for my achievements in GGST, SF6 and Granblue Fantasy Versus, but I love all fighting games. My goal is to grow a positive community with a focus at improving at fighting games. One of my unique skills is being able to break down complex or commonly unseen concepts, simplify them, and use them to win in fighting games. It's also what makes me an effective coach! As a subset of my professional career, I also have 6 years doing corporate training and coaching, including topics around risk management and human performance, which also have cross-over to fighting games! I know that my unique experiences will help you level up your game to the next level! I also stream on twitch and upload guides to Youtube. If you aren't ready for coaching yet - come join our community and see if your money will be well spent! What to Expect from coaching: Our coaching sessions will vary between person to person. Everyone has different needs. Some of the things I think are the most valuable use of our time include: • Identifying your Strengths and Weaknesses as a player • Identifying mental barriers inhibiting growth. • Coming up with a training plan to optimize your improvement. • Discussing and understanding mindset needed for competition.

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