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Hey :) I’m Michael, a former competitive WoW PvE player from Germany. I played for guilds in the world top 10 to 100. In 2018 I switched to CS:GO and reached Global Elite in 400 hours, without any previous CS experience and only playing solo queue. Since then, my interest in this beautiful game has only grown stronger. I have played CS:GO for more than 3000 hours and have made a conscious effort to also constantly learn from educational as well ... Read more

  • Available 8:30 PM Wednesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $20

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4 lessons

Live sessions

With this session option I will answer as many questions you have as possible and we will work on specific areas of the game, based on your needs. To help you visualize what we are discussing (movement, weapon play, spots and angles, map specifics, etc.), we will utilize different tools, for example Skybox or getting into a private CSGO server. This option can include, but is n... Read more
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2 5% off
3 8% off
4 10% off
5 - 7 12% off
8 - 9 15% off
10+ 20% off


$20.00 USD

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