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Hey there! I used to play professionally in European regional leagues for 5 years in Turkey, Spain, Germany and other countries. I also reached challenger for 6 seasons straight. This year I swapped to support and managed to get challenger there aswell. I've played against all the pro's in SoloQ including Faker / Caps / Gumayusi etc. In my coaching, apart from obviously focusing on the game, we will be talking a lot about the mental aspects of ... Read more

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League of Legends

League of Legends

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Live sessions

If you are: * Struggling to keep your head in the game * Losing focus ingame because of your teammates mistakes * Getting frustrated over things that are not in your control * Not enjoying the game as much as you used to Then this session is for you. We will go over the many variables that League has to offer and how you can best tackle them. After this session you will walk a... Read more


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