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Hi i'm Zane! Street Fighter Competitor and Coach Hailing from Dallas Texas. I have taught for over 2000 combined hours on and off Metafy and my students have achieved results consistently towards their goals. I'm an Expert w/ Shoto Characters and main Luke/Ken/Akuma, but i can teach any character from a fundamental and solid approach, i will make sure that you never feel lost on how to progress as a player, i will give you a powerful foundation to build upon and then add building blocks onto this foundation as you become comfortable. A look inside my coaching process: - We will have a conversation at the beginning of working together where i will work to understand you and your goals, not just to randomly feed you information that is generally good, but that is tailored specifically to how YOU learn, ive taught all different types of people and you can expect that what works best for you is the solution we will strive for! i hope to hear from you soon.

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