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My name is Walter "fRESh" Homer. I started playing competitive Counter-Strike 2005 until 2009. The real gaming experience though began 2014 with Global-Offensive. Since than I have always been an active player and the game became an essential part of my life. Since 2020 I have been proud member and content creator of the German organisation ONYX. ( ) The content around the game is my daily business, therefore I ... Read more

Testimonials (6)

  • “Good coaching concept with clear structures which is still fun. Always there for questions and just a very very cool guy can only be highly recommended.”


  • “individual professional coaching, top coach individual skill and team coaching! thumbs up”


  • “Fresh is wonderful, very friendly and easy to talk to. He is very encouraging and gentle. I highly recommend him as a coach to anyone wanting to learn CS.”


  • “fREShCS had a really good coaching plan, very detailed with alot of work He was really great in changing the coaching to exactly what I need Highy recommended!”


  • “Very calm and listening to the issues you have in and outside of the game. Tries to provide solutions immediately after sharing your struggles”


  • “HEILIGE SCHEISSE EINFACHER EIN GEILER TYP! nein aber wirklich er geht auf jede frage ein die du hast, sehr detailliert antworten also sehr leicht zu verstehen!”

    Ole Radünu

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A coaching session can be selected in a variable way: - Demo analysis with advice (Gamesense, Reactions...) - Server tutorial (Metaplays/Naderun/Positioning/Mapknowledge) - Mental Coaching (Mindset upgrade) - Aim analysis (via Discord)
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