Hi! I am Joshua. I have been playing competitive Tekken since 2009. I did my first international tournament in 2010. From there, I never stopped travelling and meeting new players, new faces, new playstyles. I reached the peek of my player career in Tekken 7. I was able to become a World Tour Finalist thanks to my LCQ Victory in Amsterdam, 2018, and to repeat this in 2022, as I became the Tekken World Tour Eastern Europe champion, gaining access to the Finals. I then reached 4th Place in the world Finals, the first European ever to reach the top 8 stage in Tekken 7 history. On a tournament level, I am the most successful Katarina player in the world, having achieved podium on Masters and Challengers events, as well as the 4th place in World Finals. I had been a Tekken Student and a Tekken Teacher. Always taking any advice, and always giving advices to people that asked to. I improved after tips from Tissuemon, and helped develop a fast growth mindset in players like Danielmado. Now I would like you to become a better player. It does not matter if it is just to beat your friends, to become the strongest in your city, or the become a world class player. Step by step, we can get what you want! My lessons are focused on two sides which I believe to be equally important: technical knowledge and mentality. I will provide you a feedback on your current level, and we can decide on which aspects it is the best to improve first. I am also available to provide you written analysis of your VODs, where I will analyze your strength and weaknesses, and point you out which are the best thing to improve.

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