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Hello ! I'm Glutonny, currently the best player in Europe and ranked 8th in the PGR. I'm well known for my Wario but i play also a lot of secondaries like Wolf,Joker,Aegis,DK,Cloud,Marth, so if you need a lesson with these characters or if you just want general advices just hit me up !

  • Available 8:00 AM Tomorrow
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Live sessions

Play a Wifi FT10 with me ! I play Wario only if the connection is good enough, otherwise i'll play my secondaries ( Wolf/Joker/Aegis/DK) Only written conversation, I can five few advice at the end If you want a complete and vocal lesson you should take the 1 hour lesson !


$50.00 USD

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