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I've spent over 4 years and thousands of hours coaching 100s of students from every rank, up to Supersonic Legend. I've helped 3 of my students to reach Supersonic Legend. I am the author of a 40,000 word book on Rocket League strategy. Hey gamers. I've been a Rocket League coach for over four years, and been fortunate enough to do so full time for the past two years. I've helped dozens of my students to push through slumps and reach Grand Champ... Read more


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Rocket League

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In my Replay Analysis, I'll go in-depth on topics like: ➜ Vision & awareness ➜ Possession ➜ Adaptability ➜ Boost pathing ➜ Option coverage ➜ Spacing & momentum management ➜ Zoning & rotations ➜ Offensive & defensive decision making ➜ Kickoff technique & strategy ➜ Mentality ➜ And more! My coaching style is fast paced and engaging. I'll strategize with you in every play, and w... Read more
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