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Hello, my name is Mikaël 'Hidan', I am 30 years old and I do provide professional Overwatch coaching since 2019. 🏃 I played formerly as a pro player with Misfits, Luminosity Gaming, Renegades, Skyfoxes, HSL esports, and Second Wind. I competed in 3 seasons of Contenders (EU/NA) and I won 2 Major LAN events : 🏆 E-LEAGUE Overwatch Open $300,000 🏆 DreamHack Winter $50,000 👨‍🏫 Regarding my coaching experience, I have more than 3000 hou... Read more

Testimonials (35)

  • “Gave really useful advice, explained concepts in a way that is easy to apply. Something that is tricky to find in free content!”


  • “Hidan was great, friendly, and knowledgeable. I originally wrote 500+ characters but am limited to 160, so I’ll just say I 10/10 would hire him again.”


  • “Super helpful and nice; very clear with tips and made great points; I now have a good plan to improve! Definitely recommend :)”


  • “Great coach. Looks at vods and live chats/coaching. Very knowledgeable and helps pinpoints your weaknesses and how to make then your strengths. Nice and patient”


  • “Hidan was amazing, we did a review of one of my games and he helped so much by finding good and bad points, just after our talk I went to play a few games and a notice a lot of improvement. I’m very thankful.”


  • “Hidan helped me see where I was making rookie mistakes that I was utterly unaware of. he went out of his way for our first session, it has been a great help so far, and I will continue working with him on a regular basis. Don't hesitate if you're concerned about improving or intimidated to be critiqued. I was nervous at first asking for help but I knew I needed to get better, and Hidan Is a key to my improvement!”

    [SFU] Potter

  • “Hidan was great! Going into the coaching I thought I knew a decent amount about overwatch but I was not even close. Dove into the details of why decisions are made and when. Was easy to follow and gives you a solid foundation to understanding OW2”


  • “Great coach overall. Lots of experience so you know he understands the game fully. He was able to help me understand how to play support much better because of all the differing information found on youtube that's wrong. I found the live sessions helps a lot because it allows you to apply the fixes to the issues identified during vod review.”

    Ethan Zhou

  • “First off he’s a great guy! Full of confidence but not in a smug way. He keeps his attitude upbeat and makes me feel better about my play. He doesn’t waist time with content that isn’t applied OW, so there is always value. His directions are digestible, which is great for a game that can be very overwhelming. Doesn’t waste your time with promising you anything, just gives you the tools needed to progress in the game. In my opinion, he’s a great coach!”


  • “Hidan helped me out tremendously and was able to reach one my goals of reaching diamond. He was able to help me find out my weaknesses and make them strengths including areas I didn't believe that was achievable. I went from gold to Diamond in just the first season alone. I definitely recommend Hidan to anyone who want to improve not just by rank but as a player. I'm able to transfer these skills to other games as-well from his teachings.”

    Andy Lampell

  • “Really everything you could need/want in a coach!”


  • “A wonderful coach with great patience and immense knowledge!”


  • “Great awareness of the game. He walked me through the fundamentals, differences in playing styles based on the tank and the team composition. I recommend!”


  • “Hidan helped me level up my Overwatch 2 gameplay and go from Gold to Diamond on support. Our coaching sessions opened my eyes to the all mistakes that I was making! Additionally, Hidan shared helpful tips for character specific techniques I was missing out on. Can't wait for our next session.”


  • “Hidan is a great coach! We reviewed a VOD and he told me what I needed to work on for my rank. The sessions are interactive & helpful. Will be ordering again!”


  • “During my free consultation Hidan was polite and clear about what to expect in his coaching sessions.”


  • “I don't think there's much more to say than that with just tips from my free 30 min session, I went up four divisions in a day.”

    zach hage

  • “Hidan is a very good teacher! He helps you understand what to fix in your gameplay in order to become a better player! He helped me understand the game a lot better.”


  • “My experience With Hidan could not have been better hes done a great job showing me what to do and how to do those things better.”


  • “Hidan is the very patient and knowledgeable. The best when it comes to overwatch and farming simulator.”


  • “This is my 2nd session w/Hidan & he's helped me go from P3-D5! He's great at explaining concepts, identifying your strengths & weaknesses and answering your qs.”


  • “Hidan was concise with his advice and was very kind with his constructive criticism. I learned so much from our first session! I play mercy and kirko.”


  • “Amazing coach taught us ins and outs and how to better position ourselves along with new ways for us to play”


  • “Hidan gave me so much great advice that really helped me improve my gameplay both as an individual and a team player. He taught me a lot of things about the game that were super helpful and provided materials for me to use to continue improving even after our session.”


  • “I never realized how many mistakes I made until I got coached by Hidan. He helped me go from diamond 4 to Masters 3, season 1 of overwatch 2. He improved my positioning significantly and my overall game sense. This is the place to be if you genuinely want to rank up.”


  • “Hidan has helped me to realise what actually matters as an Ana player. I personally seem to be in a tunnel POV when I play, even though I should pay attention to all the details and he has pointed that out very well when giving me feedback to my VOD in various aspects. I already feel the difference in my impact on the game / individual fights. When reading his comments, I had multiple moments where you'd say "oohhhhh, wait now, this makes sense!". I will be going into the future comp matches with a different perspective on how to position myself and decisionmaking, keeping in mind of what Hidan said. I can happily recommend him and will certainly send another VOD for review, once I feel like I have implemented his tips / suggestions properly into my gameplay.”


  • “I have been working with Hidan as my coach for the past few months, and I can confidently say that he has been instrumental in helping me improve my skills and overall performance in the game. One of the things I appreciate most about Hidan is his ability to break down complex concepts and strategies into easy-to-understand and actionable steps. He is patient and takes the time to explain things in detail, which has really helped me to grasp new ideas and techniques. In addition to his technical knowledge, Hidan is also an excellent motivator and coach. He has a great way of pushing me to be my best without overwhelming me, and he always has a positive attitude and encourages me to stay focused and determined. Overall, I am extremely grateful to have Hidan as my coach and highly recommend him to anyone looking to up their game in Overwatch 2.”

    the iCloud

  • “Even before the back-to-back sessions started, Hidan communicated with me very well even during an unexpected change of schedule last second and was very flexible with me and even offered to push back the 2nd lesson if I was having difficulty retaining the information after a long day. In these 2 coaching sessions, we went over Kiriko and Baptiste. During the session, he was very clear and concise when we were doing the VOD review portion of the sessions. He got me to think about the game in a different light than I was previously thinking and was able to clearly point out the repeated mistakes I was making throughout the games and offered the solutions on how I can prevent myself from making them in the future. He was very patient with me and I felt like I gained a lot information from these coaching sessions. I've definitely felt like my gameplay has definitely improved since then and I look forward to booking more coaching sessions in the future!”


  • “Thank u Hidan for all the sessions, each one has been very educational and eye-opening. You've helped me improve in many ways, such as taking away bad habits, creating a routine to be a better player, and also helped me develop a healthy mindset. I used to not be confident in my skills but after our coaching sessions, I've been able to be more confident in my skills and gain knowledge of the game. As a Support player, I have been stuck in Masters 1 and GM5/GM4, and after a couple sessions, I have been winning all my comp games, and am soon to be consistently placed in T500. One bad habit that I had was I thought as a flex support player I always had to heal my team, but as a support player ur role is not to be a healer, but to support ur team in any way, whether if its by doing damage, buying time for ur team, by distracting DPS or tanks, even COMMS for ur team are important, saying "Tracer has pulse", "Tracer has no Recall", etc. So, I highly recommend u book a session w/ Hidan, because he'll help u find ur strengths and weaknesses, and help u develop an esports player mindset.”

    Kid Maniak

  • “I've really seen concrete improvement since beginning my sessions. Each session is very relaxed, informative and encouraging. Would highly recommend!”


  • “The session went great. Was given real things to work on that helped improve my gameplay. Hidan took extra time to make sure I got the most out of my session. I got coached on Ana. Would recommend”

    Carson Jones

  • “The way he explains things is really clear, and applicable to a lot of situations in the game. Like there is a clear "this is what you should have done in this place" that happens, but then that's not just a 2D thing where you can then move on and forget about it because you can apply a similar mindset about what just happened in your game, to what is gonna happen next.”


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You might not know what to expect from a coaching session. I will answer all the questions you want to ask. The goal is that you will know how a coaching session works, I will talk to you about the previous student's experience. I've seen many profiles and there is always room for improvement! Let's have a chat together and find out if we are a good fit. :)



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