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Hello! I am Idris, a Top 4 RLCS Coach in the Middle Eastern region. I speak English, Arabic & Persian (I can also coach in these languages) I currently coach Team ROC (DrKnown, Nush and Ops), I have just over 3 years of coaching experience, have coached 500+ individual players, and have been coaching/watching replays/mental coaching for around ~2000 hours! I specialize in all playlists: 1s, 2s & 3s Here's a quick summary of my services: - Detailed breakdown of all the details using replay analysis, - Offensive, defensive and cutting rotations, - Challenges, supporting your teammates and visioning the field, - Fundamental & advanced basic's mechanics, - Collecting, analyzing, reading and predicting the play/player(s) using the information on the field. I sometimes offer coaching on my Twitch, make sure to check them out if you're unsure about my coaching!

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Monthly Subscription (Save $40)

Monthly subscription in which you get 2 replays analyzed for the price of 1. Sessions can be dispersed as the player likes with the limit of 2 replays/sessions per month. (Note: If you want one of the sessions to be a mechanics session than it could be possible dm me on discord)

2 Sessions 4 hours
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Big Step Towards Your Goal πŸ—»

1 replay analysis (Breakdown of Rotations, Game sense, Mechanics, Challenges, Control and much much more!) + Training Packs Routine + Mental Coaching Usually around 2 hours

1 Session 2 hours
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How to Start Coaching

- Coach Mentality, - Ability to analyze replays, - Understanding different perspectives, - How to deal with difficult situations logically, - How to be extremely thorough, - How to enjoy coaching and keep improving, - How to tone your constructive criticism, - How to keep the player hooked throughout long coaching sessions, - When to be strict and when to be lenient,

6 Sessions 6 hours

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