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Hey, I'm Jeremy and I'm a Pokémon TCG player. I have just started playing Pokémon TCG in 2021 and have already had great success. I am a very quick learner, and although I do not have the most experience under my belt, I have a lot of consistency when it comes to my success and goals as a player. Now I want to share all of that success with all of you and bring out nothing but the best in you as a player and help you accomplish all of your goals. No matter how big or small of a goal, I can help get you there! If you're looking for a coach that can help you reach your personal goals in Pokemon TCG, I'm the coach for you. I offer a different take on the game and I'm positive I can teach you how to play the Pokémon TCG better. My strengths as a player are: deck building, prize checking, sequencing, prize mapping, game planning, and general skill set growth. I was able to develop myself as a player that did not even know what the cards in their deck did to a top 16 NA player and a top 25 player in the world, and I would love the opportunity to help get you there as well!

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Welcome to the Big Leagues

Congrats on going Pro! You now have the ability to offer paid sessions, groups, and guides. You also get access to The Handbook and even more resources to help you grow your business into the powerhouse we know it can be.