First of all, I'm one of the oldest players playing League competitively whilst still maintaining Challenger in every single season that has existed since season 1 (S1 Plat was the highest ranked) so I can definitely say I do know my way around league throughout all the lovely meta's that have passed along. I think if you're serious about winning and wanting to be better, I'm your guy and you would definitely be able to appreciate it after 1 call. But anyway, rank isn't the only thing I'm here to talk about. I'm here to ultimately help you become the best version you can be of yourself. There is a lot insight as to what can make you a better player and I know I have the answers to helping you become great. I think it's more about the mindset, understanding what your role is and the ability to recognise it in game about what you need to do to win. The bigger picture question is how much do you want it? whether it's as simple as winning in a game of solo queue? achieving a goal of getting your desired rank? not feeling depressed after a loss in league of legends? Even though I've been playing for a long time (10+ years?) I believe with the right direction and guidance, I can make you become a better player/person in decision making or just general life advice. If you have any questions in regards to league or life, whether you don't understand certain concepts or don't know why you are losing many games, I can help you out! Anyway last thing to add, I'm not stressed about going overtime or whatever as I get general dopamine from being able to see you improve, if you book a lesson we can have a session and hopefully we can make some magic :D

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