Hihi, I'm Katie! Through countless hours of experience, I have acquired a deep understanding of each role at both a micro and macro level as well as with team play and IGL. Not only have I have coached over 100 individual players in a variety of ranks, including Silvers that grew to Diamond in less than a month, I have also coached the team ImPerium Vancuverii Nilus and competed many times in VCT Game Changers, as well as helped several other Tier 2/3 teams, and a few collegiate teams. I vary my coaching styles based on what is most helpful individually. My end goal is to share my knowledge with other players that have a desire to grow and learn as well as make them a stronger player overall :D I have a Discord server with a community surrounding my coaching to help my students connect and grow together! https://discord.com/invite/bw6RaWhYHN Through that, you will have access to videos and personal questions and other benefits specific to students. I will also have my DMs open if you have any questions at any time and will respond as quickly as possible, it is linked on my profile. I am here to help and push you past your limitations. Individual Coaching: Within a session, I will go through a variety of topics with you and focus on the most prominent issues that need to be addressed. Some of these topics may include: a warmup, peeking with intent, cutting corners, crosshair placement, utility usage, timings, etc. However, through a training session, I will set a plan on what needs the most work and help you fix it slowly but efficiently. Like I stated before, I will vary my style of coaching based on what is best for you. For example, visual learner? I can provide images, learn from listening? I will show you some good VODS to listen to, etc. I want to do the best I can to help you exceed your own expectations. Team Oriented Coaching: Although I will discuss related topics as those in individual lessons, for team play, I will focus more so on macro level help. I have countless hours of team and tourney experience as well as IGL experience. By allowing me to sit in during scrims, I can point out the mistakes or “holes” in the games and how to fix them, as well as go over IGL issues and how to strengthen communication. If you select the stratting session, I will sit with your team and create/help with strategies, work out comps, and watch as you dry run them to further improve. Some topics we will go over: communication, timing, utility usage, comps, objectives, etc. My goal is to give you and your team the information needed to improve and work well together.


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