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Im Lathyrus as u probably know at this point, im 27 years old and I've been playing League since season 7 and challenger since season 8 in NA EUW and Korea. I've always been a support player mainly known for my Bard but got a few secret pocket picks, as a coach i focus a lot on making players more consistent and remove their inconsistencies. For questions add me on discord Lathyrus#2972

Testimonials (19)

  • “The best looking coach on the website.”

    sooskar (sooskar)

  • “Lathyrus is a really calm and comforting coach. He enabled me to learn alot. Very happy with his coaching, will book one again!”


  • “Helped me with so many mistakes I make whether they be minor or major. Absolutely will be booking again once I improve those mistakes.”


  • “Very chill coaching, i learned a lot and i will retake coaching sometimes to improve my gameplay and because that was very funny !”


  • “Went into the session super sceptical but i was extremely suprised at how good it was, i feel like i've learned way more than i thought i would, 10/10!”


  • “pretty ok coach and also a pretty ok streamer”


  • “The experience was very enjoyable and extremely helpful. He listened to what my goals were and focused our session plan to help me improve!”

    Brendan Bathrick

  • “Super chill/patient. Quickly and accurately describes mistakes in game/post. Describes what should be done and why. Recommend for support, especially for Bard.”


  • “Very friendly and supportive coach! Answeres in details every question that you are asking. Good describing of your mistakes for you to improove! <3”


  • “Great insight. Not aggressive. Gives good tips on champ specific stuff and on the role in general. Also is open for more questions later on”


  • “Lathyrus pointed out a lot of small mistakes I was making often in my games. He was very nice, but just annoying enough to get the point home. Will book again!”


  • “Really informative and good at pointing out flaws in your gameplay. Has good answers to all questions, and explains everything in a way thats easy to understand”


  • “My coaching was great! He told me how to improve and gave me a lot of tipps. It was really helpful and he is friendly. I highly recommend him!”


  • “The coaching session was really good. I felt listen to and Lathy explained a lot and gave a good amount of great tips about game for me to improve. I reccomend.”


  • “Really good coaching. Learn so much about ward placing and objectives control. Recommend to everyone!”


  • “Bard coaching beyond expectations, for a steal of a price.”

    Adam Bobocky

  • “Lathyrus manages to name errors quickly and in depth. Motivates me thanks to his calm manner and encourages me to work on my mistakes. Next Division is coming.”

    Niels Sadlowski

  • “Very in depth coaching, I learned a lot of thing that I didnt knew. Even better than what I expected and I knew it would be great. 5/5 would do again!”


  • “Very chill and informative person. Highly recommend”

    Bumm One

  • Available 8:00 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $25
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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League of Legends

League of Legends

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You will be playing a live game with me watching the game through discord screenshare, ill be there to guide you through out the game and answer whatever questions u might have, so u can take every game in ur own hands in the future


$25.00 USD

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