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I have been a top player across a multitude of video game genres for over a decade. Learning and improving in a game quickly and effectively is what I do best and for the past 6+ years I have turned my attention to the beauty that is Melee Peach. Within a year of playing I was a national threat taking sets from ranked players in my region. All achieved before the advent of slippi and unclepunch. More recently I ran the EU Marth Gauntlet beating t... Read more

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Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee

4 lessons

Live sessions

1:1 live session where we will take a deep dive into whatever aspect of melee you desire. Highly recommended for your first session with me as we can discuss your position in melee as well as look at your gameplay. If you are not sure feel free to message me and we can work out a bespoke lesson for you!
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